Enter your name and email below to join the FREE online series, Worthy and Wealthy, starting on September 28th

Enter your name and email below to join the FREE online series, Worthy and Wealthy, starting on September 28th

Some of the most brilliant leaders in the coaching industry sharing inspiration and practical advice on how they got to next level wealth while owning who they are, being fully expressed in their identity, and feeling Worthy AF.

Are you ready to take the coaching world by storm?

Ready to fully own your identity and show up as all of you in your work?

Are you ready to feel worthy and confident as you build your biz?

Are you ready to let the world see YOU and hit your next level of wealth?

This series will combine compelling stories of inspiration with practical guidelines for you to finally feel worthy and wealthy and ready to stake your claim in this coaching world. 

You are a voice in this world.  Get ready to own it. 

Meet Your Speakers

Shameca Tankerson

Melanie Ann Layer

Falyn Statterfield 

Nicholle Caldwell

Rha Goddess

Lexi D’Angelo

Kierra Jones 

Shaneil Stewart

Gieselle Allen 

Juliet Obodo

Lacey Sites

Cara Parrish

Jennifer Kem 

Shayla Locklear 

Julia Wells 

Emily Utter

Trudi Lebron

Mahdi Woodard

Juliana Garcia

Aandra Bohlen

Julia Bernard-Thompson

Des G. Bauza

Sara Kas

It’s all going down September 28th!!!!


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Renee Reese is a transformational writer, speaker, teacher, Worthiness Queen™, and an innovator in the personal development industry. 

As a kid, she always had her nose in a book, ready to learn or get lost in another world.  As an adult, with the same love of learning,  she consistently learned about trauma, healing, the brain, the subconscious mind and everything she could about personal development and self-improvement.   It’s this work that helped her to heal from her own trauma and be free from codependency,  depression, anxiety, and c-PTSD. 

She is an attorney, certified success coach,  NLP practitioner, T.I.M.E. techniques practitioner and hypnotherapist.

She's a dynamic in- demand speaker and audiences love her for her practical application and takeaways, transparency, and relatability.

In her free time, she loves to do yoga, spend time with family, have long talks over good food with good friends, travel, and wear bright lipstick wherever she goes.